we are pleased to announce the publication of our book!

Elevating the Human Spirit, the Architecture of Glavé & Holmes compiles the work of a firm that has, for over fifty years, celebrated and studied the values and principles that gave rise to the rich and uniquely American traditions in architecture. Fascination with this legacy of tradition, which has shaped the cities, towns, villages, and landscapes of the nation – particularly in the Southeast – began with the firm’s founders and remains a strong pulse in the firm’s work today.

This pulse, a deep undercurrent linking historic preservation, adaptive reuse, architectural creation, and interior design has

yielded a portfolio of projects that exemplify ideologies about placemaking, cultural conservation, timeless contextualism, and traditional design while remaining creative and modern in reinterpretation and relevance. This book was envisioned to chronicle and celebrate projects executed during the firm’s first 50 years (1965-2015), honors the firm’s past, and looks to the future as Glavé & Holmes continues its mission to connect people to places in such a way as to elevate the human spirit.

The book is written by H. Randolph Holmes, Jr. with Henrika Dyck Taylor.

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